Wholemeal ricotta and strawberry pancakes – Recipe

Wholemeal ricotta and strawberry pancakes

By August 1, 2013

This recipe for ricotta and strawberry pancakes is best for muscle-building and athletes.



    1) Mix together the buckwheat flour, coconut sugar, bicarbonate of soda and sea salt.
    2) In a second bowl, mix together the ricotta, eggs, milk, lemon zest and vanilla extract. Now add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, folding it in a bit at a time. Finally, stir in the strawberries.
    3) Heat coconut oil in a large pan and drop in a spoonful of batter. Cook until bubbles form, then flip and repeat on the other side until brown.

    Optional: You can garnish the pancakes with a few spare berries.

    The benefits from this recipe is that you will reset the balance of protein to carbohydrates with the addition of ricotta cheese, while substituting traditional sugars with minimally-processed, low GI coconut sugar stabilises blood sugar so you feel satisfied for longer. Rich strawberries are the perfect antidote to free radical damage from intensive workouts.

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