Vegan pancakes recipe

Vegan pancakes recipe

By June 23, 2013

What a person can do, when all alone at home in sunny Saturday? Well - Plays music, put an orange apron, sing and make for himself vegan pancakes and fresh juices. And life is good! 🙂

Otherwise this is a really trivial recipe - pancakes without milk and eggs, which is so popular that I thought there was no need to get into the site. But once again, I am convinced that there is always a need, because some of you will just see it and decide to try it.



    * An optional in the Pancake mix can add blend banana. Can add 1 tablespoon raw cocoa powder to make cocoa pancakes 🙂

    * Quantities are contingent! It's all by feel and eye, sorry! Roughly of these ingredients I took 5 large pancakes (my pancake pan is pretty big). And of course, I ate them all! 😀

    Everything is blend with the mixer and if you think the mixture is liquid add more flour. The mixture should be as thick as we used to. But not too much that it will stick.
    Then heat the pan for pancakes and grease coconut oil or olive oil and pour the mixture. Put on medium fire.

    Before turning the pancake, lift off the bottom very carefully with a spatula for cake, if it is stuck.
    Then turn to scroll through the air (like in the movies:-D), or you'll be ripped. And so. When they are ready grease them with little coconut oil to make them chewy and fragrant.
    It is normal to have a few failed attempts until they catch the hang of it. Do not despair, try again and again! 🙂

    Beautifully topped with homemade jam from wild strawberries. Also, with raw vegan chocolate or raw cream with banana, avocado, tahini and cocoa. In addition, you can make a great cup of strawberry smoothie, banana and apple juice.

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