The 10 Best Weight Loss Foods

When it comes to weight loss foods, celery and dry toast may be a classic. But the fact of the matter is, you won’t lose weight nibbling on scant amounts of those items. In fact, your body will just think it’s starving and hang onto those extra pounds! Rather, to lose weight effectively and permanently, you need to eat.

The 10 Best Weight Loss Foods

These top 10 foods suggestions can help you lose weight.

Fat burner: Apples

1. Fat burner: Apples
We recommend apples as they’re rich in pectin; the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports upping your intake of this fruit- derived fibre increases fat excretion by 44%.
Serving suggestion Two daily.

Fat burner: Broccoli

2. Fat burner: Broccoli
Your RDA of vitamin C is found in just 33g. Research shows that as vitamin C levels drop, waistlines increase, as less carnitine – which transports fat to be burnt – is produced.
Serving suggestion 33g a day, steamed.

Fat burner: Chickpeas

3. Fat burner: Chickpeas
A great protein source, rich in insoluble fibre. One study found using chickpeas as your primary fibre source results in better regulation of blood fats.
Serving suggestion 350g a week in stews.

Fat burner: Cinnamon

4. Fat burner: Cinnamon
Scientists advise you to add cinnamon to porridge: one 40-day study saw the spice slash blood sugar levels by helping activate insulin receptors, so cells metabolise sugars 20% more efficiently.
Serving suggestion 1⁄2tsp daily.

Fat burner: Eggs

5. Fat burner: Eggs
Pure filling protein, most of an egg’s appetite-quenching vitamins A, D, E and K are in the yolk. A two egg breakfast cut calorie intake by 417.
Serving suggestion 2 for breakfast.

Fat burner: Lentils

6. Fat burner: Lentils
As well as protein, fibre and carbs, lentils are a great source of molybdenum. This trace mineral helps the body convert carbs to energy more efficiently; 100g of lentils provides your RDA.
Serving suggestion 100g a time in soups

Fat burner: Limes

7. Fat burner: Limes
We squeezes lime over fish. Canadian researchers found its limonin inhibits the liver’s production of the protein APOB, so you produce less heart-clogging fat.
Serving suggestion 2 a week.

Fat burner: Pine nuts

8. Fat burner: Pine nuts
Researchers found doing so prompts the release of the hormone cholecystokinin – a key appetite-suppressor.
Serving suggestion 20g daily.

Fat burner: Radicchio

9. Fat burner: Radicchio
A Tufts University study found vitamin K improved insulin responses, priming men not to store glycogen as fat.
Loved by us for its, “bitter, spicy taste,” 21g radicchio provides your RDA.
Serving suggestion 21g a day, in salad.

Fat burner: Tofu

10. Fat burner: Tofu
The New England Journal of Medicine reports 47g of soy protein (equivalent to 297g of tofu) daily cuts cholesterol by 23.2mg per decilitre of blood.
Serving suggestion 297g a day

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