How to make apple pie – (for men) Funny cooking joke

How to make apple pie - (for men) Funny cooking joke

Although the best chefs are men, here’s a funny joke about them:

1. Take 10 eggs from the refrigerator, leave seven healthy on the table, now clear the floor and next time be more careful.

2. Take a large bowl, beat the eggs in the edge and pour its contents into the bowl.
Clear the table and chairs from the yolks, be careful.

3. So we have 5 egg yolks in the bowl.
Now take a blender, put his tips for mixing and beat egg yolks, no, try again to put the tips …. now mix

4. Wash your face, neck, arms and back, remove the yolk from your ears.
So now we have into the bowl 2 beaten egg yolks, as we need for the pie.

5. Now cover the walls and windows of the kitchen with newspapers, cover the furniture with some old fabrics …
It is time to add the flour, take a cup with 200 grams floor and pour it into the bowl with the egg yolks, the remaining 800 grams carefully collect and return into the package.

6. Once you are sure that the walls and windows are really well covered, start breaking the mixture.
Take a shower.

7. Take 4 large apples and a sharp knife, pre-run to the pharmacy for iodine patch and bandage.

8. Time to move on to the cleaning of apples, processed toe with iodine and bandages. Cut the apples into cubes and remember that we need 2 apples so in the process of preparation you can only eat half of them, so treat the index and middle finger with iodine and bandaged them.

9. The only remaining and already cut into strips apple add it to the bowl. Others collect them from the floor and throw them away.
stir the mixture again, wash the fridge because if dry it will be difficult to wash.

10. Now pour the prepared mixture into lightly greased pan and put it in the oven.

11. Wait an hour and if there are no visible changes turn on the oven.

12. When you wake up don’t call to the fire brigade just open the windows and the oven.

13. After all go into the nearest pub…

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