7 most useful and healthy drinks

If you want to drink something and wonder what or want to care more about your health, this list is for you!
You will find 7 of the most beneficial drinks and a brief description of how they impact on our body.
The 7 most useful and healthu drinks

1. Water. Detoxifies and has a positive effect on the blood vessels and joints, helps digestion.

2. Pomegranate juice normalizes heart function is useful in hypertension and anemia.

3. Mint tea. Stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, soothes and helps fight insomnia.

4. Kefir. Invaluable to normalize digestion!

5. Apple juice. Has a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys. There is also a slimming effect.

6. Cranberry juice. Strengthens the immune system, a powerful antioxidant and a good antipyretic.

7. Chamomile tea. Has an antibacterial effect, and also soothes and nerves.

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