11 Foods for fresh breath

11 Foods for fresh breath

The Day of love past, but the kisses, which we share with beloved are not reserved for February 14th, so you have to work at having fresh breath, every day of the year.
Its fact, it that happens to everybody to fall victim to bad breath from time to time, but there are steps you can take to ensure that you will not distribute “smelly kisses.”

Of course, the most important thing is to maintain good oral hygiene and regularly go to the dentist.

But, as is usually the teeth are not at the root of bad breath and the bacteria that grow on the tongue should be regularly brushing.

Besides these steps to prevent bad breath, you can bet on some foods (and drinks) that will help you in your endeavor “sweet breath.” Here they are:

1. Water
Proper hydration may be all that is needed to improve your breath. This is because water wets the mouth and throat, and washes of the bacteria and food particles which are the cause of bad breath.

2. Apples
Crunchy high-fiber foods produce more saliva in the mouth. Saliva is rich in oxygen and is a natural enemy of smelly bacteria in the mouth. Furthermore apples help to remove plaque on the teeth.

11 Foods for fresh breath

3. Gum

Gum is known means of banishing bad breath. It stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn is the enemy of bacteria. Gum also removes food particles stuck to the teeth.

11 Foods for fresh breath

4. Foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C can stop the odor caused by bacteria and neutralize bad breath from eating notoriously smelly foods like garlic and onions.

5. Yogurt
It is not only a healthy snack, but definitely improves breath. Yogurt reduces hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, which is a waste product of anaerobic bacteria.

6. Wholegrain bread
Strange as it may seem, adhering to low-carbohydrate diet can worsen the breath of man. This is because when the body does not have many carbs it burns fat, this process leads to the production of compounds called ketones. These ketones are released from the body through sweat, urine and sometimes even through saliva, but then she gets stinky.

If you feel something, include healthy carbohydrates in your diet such as whole wheat bread, for example.

7. Cinnamon
There are so many random things and dishes are flavored with cinnamon! Cinnamon’s essential oil, which has the power to kill smelly bacteria.

8. Green tea
The flavonoids in green tea also helps to eliminate bacteria from the teeth and tongue. In general, green tea “kills” bad flavors.

9. Parsley
Chew parsley and will instantly feel the difference. This spice is able to neutralize bad breath for a second.

11 Foods for fresh breath

10. Mint leaves

If you are handy mint leaves, chew them boldly. Will eliminate bad breath, replacing it with a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

11. Blueberries
To insure against bad breath, you can eat blueberries regularly. They are ideal for preventing this problem.

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