10 reasons to drink beer

Drinking beer has quite positive effects. As Long as it is within the moderate, of course! Which, according to medics means two beers a day for men and one for women. They also debunked the myth that the beer make you fat. It turns out that weight gain comes from too much beer along with appetizers such as chips, peanuts and grilled. However, by itself, it is a healthy drink.That’s why!

Positive effects of drinking beer

1. Reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease.

2. Contain anti-oxidants.

3. Reduces the risk of forming kidney stones.

4. It makes skin soft and gives it shine.

5. Increases mental activity.

6. Relaxes muscles and helps eliminate stress.

7. Strengthens bones.

8. Reduces bad cholesterol.

9. Reduces the risk of blood clots.

10. Elevates mood. Even the thought of cold beer in the summer is enough.

Just remember that nothing in excessive amounts is not good! Try to control the use of this drink. Though slightly relaxation from time to time is not fatal.

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